Since a very young age, I found joy in art and creativity. I would draw and paint constantly until I pursued a degree in visual communication. But my creativity did not stop there, I moved form the print and 2D world to be be creative in 3D space. I redesigned my room into a beautiful pink space and painted a floral mural that matched the new decor. The world comes to life when we take a bit of time to choose how we want our world to look, feel and function.
Interior decor allows me to combine many of my passions into one space. I can support construction and renovation to ensure the space has great bones and hight resale value, and then fill the space with custom or sourced items to help my clients create a space which is beautiful, comfortable, expresses their personality and works well for their lifestyle. I want to make sure my clients receive a design they are proud of, and make their life simpler and more relaxing.
My design aesthetic tends to combine modern touches with local and handmade pieces of art. I put comfort as a priority, and move beyond the obvious parts of design, into making sure your lighting and space arrangement make your space look amazing and flow well into your lifestyle. Life can be stressful and complicated. I want your home to be a safe haven where you can relax and enjoy time with yourself and your loved ones. 

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